americaenery-imgRevolutionary Performance and Protection.

WD USA takes great pride in seeking ways to save America’s energy which in turn, saves you, the consumer, money and gives you peace of mind. WD USA distributes windows that are designed to be among the most energy efficient windows on the market. Here’s how…


SunPro Glass System


Low “E” glazing system – the low down on high performance. The latest generation in the evolution of WD USA’s high-performance glazing system options, including proprietary SunPro Low “E” and warm-edge technology keep your home comfortable and energy efficient. The SunPro glazing system meets ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency in all US climate zones, and these latest advancements deliver optimum performance under the widest possible range of conditions. A combination of an insulating frame and sash, fusion-welded constructions, continuous weather stripping and integral glazing resists air and water infiltration nearly 100% better than the minimum AAMA/WDMA standards.

A detailed system for innovation, quality, and comfort.

SunPro is not an isolated innovation. It’s a uniquely designed system that truly gives you the best balance of performance attributes. An approach in which every detail counts, and combines:

  • Multi chambered airspaces and fusion welding in the frame and sashes.
  • Double-pane insulating with Low “E” on the inside surface and filled with argon gas.
  • Low-conductance material spacer between the two panes.
  • The result in increased insulation value, increased warmth, and decreased condensation.